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Meet Susan

Executive Coach, Speaker, Strategic Partner, Talent Management & Organizational Development Expert

Susan is a respected Executive Coach, Talent Developer, Speaker and Organizational Development expert intensely committed to helping leaders find the spark that will ignite their best self. As an accomplished leader with over two decades in the banking, healthcare, consulting, and publishing sectors, she brings empathy and keen understanding of leadership rewards, risks, and realities, and what it means to both struggle and succeed in getting, “a seat at the table.” Deeply informed by her own executive journey, her coaching style is candid, compassionate, humorous, inspiring, bold, and authentic.


Susan has developed talent and performance management processes for more than 16,000 employees, facilitated national action planning, presented her keen insights from the stage to thousands, and strategized and lead the Talent and Executive Coaching division of a 21-location national firm. 


Susan has vast experience in strengths-based coaching, several behavioral assessments such as The Harrison Assessment, Myers-Briggs, and DiSC; as well as 360 tools such as the Leadership Circle™. She will often incorporate these into her coaching to support the clients journey.


Susan has developed and led large scale Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) initiatives and provides insight to leaders and organizations who value a true, data-driven and human centric approach to diversity. She thrives on celebrating and maximizing both the obvious and subtle aspects of diversity, and on driving corporate and human systems that allow for each person to feel seen and valued. 


Susan firmly believes that leadership is a mindset and a way of being, rather than a title. She excels at coaching at all levels to gain clarity, develop logical and realistic action plans, and remove barriers to making authentic and lasting behavioral shifts. She engages in ongoing education and leadership research, as well as her own personal growth and wellbeing to be an informed, resourceful, and empathetic partner to her clients. She shares all of that from the stage with humor and authenticity that provides messages and insights in relatable ways and reminds us that we can always find the humor in our lessons. 

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